Devonport Character Villa

This was a major renovation project for a big old villa, owned by a young professional couple with no kids. As well as tidying the whole property, both inside and out, we built a new generously sized deck, installed a range of new joinery, renovated the kitchen and bathroom, fitted insulation, and laid and polished the new flooring.

There were normal villa issues that we had to overcome on this build. The ceilings were bowing, and the villa was poorly insulated and had issues with uneven alignment. There were also some constraints around building permissions, due to this villa being in a heritage zone.

RUSA revamped the whole property except for the lounge and one room.


“We first met Kent and the RUSA team in 2012 when they took on the job of restoring our heritage Devonport villa back to its original frontage and a rear extension including kitchen and deck. We were immediately impressed by Kent’s professional attitude, punctuality and attention to detail. Also the respect the whole team had for our property and pets was amazing. The build was completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

We were so impressed with RUSA that we have recently employed them again to carry out renovations on our relocated house in kumeu. Relocated homes come with a plethora of issues from the move but the tram have yet again tackled every problem head on and with amazing attitudes. We’ve been highly impressed with Kent’s level of communication about the budget (especially since this time around we have twin babies). RUSA are exceptional and we will continue to work with them in the future.”

George and Katie Vodanovich