Rusa Construction

How We

We take pride in what we do and we love to see you celebrate the home or space of your dreams - we’re all about getting the job done well, keeping the communication flowing, delivering on value and what we promise, and respecting you and your property.

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Our Values

Have some Respect

Our approach to building is simple. Someone has asked to work on their home or business. We treat it like our own. This means our crew is always well presented and well mannered. We set the same standards for ourselves as we do for the work we produce.

When good projects go bad

Endless promises, phones straight to voicemail, emails ignored, orbiting stress levels. Let’s face it, there are always issues and challenges on a building project. RUSA takes responsibility for clear and concise communication. The project status, timelines and budgets are continually monitored and written documentation maintained.

Getting what you pay for

Sometimes we get priced out of jobs. It’s annoying but we have a standard and we stick to it. Big jobs or small - we deliver good quality work at a fair price.

Someone else’s fault

Great building can easily be let down by poor plumbers, tilers, sparkies etc. That’s why we have established a network of subcontractors that we know and trust. We manage the whole process to ensure quality standards, timelines and budgets are met. On a RUSA project, the buck stops with us.

When experience counts

We have been around long enough to know that quality and attention to detail are essential on any job. Whether we are doing a heritage renovation or a new build, we apply the same high standards. Our site managers have the experience to ensure the crucial task of translating building plans to reality is flawless.


Initial Meeting

When we first meet, we’ll get to know what you want from your project, and so we’ll discuss your plans, dreams and your project’s scope. We will get a clear understanding of what is essential (your non-negotiables), talk over any concerns you may have and discuss any relevant safety considerations for the project. We’ll also chat about your expectations around money and deadlines to make sure our plan fits your budget and timeframe.


It’s really important that the paperwork we give you is prepared and presented in a straightforward and clear way, because we are transparent and accountable for everything we do. We will prepare the relevant contract documents and sort out your Halo guarantee (Hover tool - an independent and comprehensive ten year residential building guarantee that’s only open to people who build or renovate with a New Zealand Certified Builder). We’ll also provide you with a cost estimate, payment schedule, and work programme.

Get Building

As experienced and certified builders, we are serious about following flawless processes to get a job done well. This is why the building phase is the lengthiest part of the overall project. During this step, we’ll prepare and establish the site so it’s ready for construction, provide you with updates both in person and in writing, deliver project management, liaise with other parties, and maintain quality control. Like a good marriage, communication is key – so we’ll meet with you regularly to discuss progress, manage any changes and ensure your expectations are met. Every project also comes with its own on-site foreman - the go to person for any day-to-day issues - and they will make sure your space (whether it’s your home or commercial building) is treated with the utmost care and respect at every stage of the build.


So the building process is complete, it’s had sign-off, and the paperwork has been prepared and finalised. It’s time to relax and celebrate your new home, renovation, extension or office space. Anyone for a roof shout?

What We Do


1. Residential

Our team has worked on a wide range of residential projects. From large scale heritage renovations to new builds we have a portfolio of work that we are very proud of.

Working closely with architects and designers we make sure you get the most out of your project.

Along the way we know there will be issues and challenges to deal with. RUSA takes responsibility for clear and concise communication. We maintain high standards and we deliver a quality build at a fair price.

RUSA also has an established network of sub-contractors that we know and trust. We manage the whole process to ensure quality standards, time lines and budgets are met.

2. Commercial

At RUSA Construction we understand the importance of timelines and budgets. We are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure these are met. Our site managers are skilled craftsmen and have a great eye for detail. We realize the importance of time in the construction process and will ensure the job stays on track.